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Traveling Tips: Family Matters

“Are we there yet?”

“How much longer?”

“I have to go to the bathroom!”

Traveling with family, and especially the young ones, can be as exciting as it is frantic. Although there is no full-proof plan to ensure you travel with zero instances of frustration or confusion, we have put together a list of tips for you when you are preparing to take the family away on a trip.

Disclaimer: it involves snacks.

#1 Pay Up for the Good Stuff

Strollers, baby baskets, and travel cribs can add up and make a significant dent in your travel budget. But, we have seen in the past that it is worth spending for equipment that is lightweight, durable and easily packed away. As you may know, keeping everyone on schedule can be tough so hauling around an extra few pounds can feel like an anchor when you’re navigating through an airport of even up to your hotel room. Look for multi-purpose equipment that won’t slow you down and can be set up with simplicity. If you aren’t wanting to shell out the funds for these types of accessories, you can always purchase low-price materials upon arrival and donate it when you plan to leave!

#2 Pack Your Necessities, Check and Check Again.
Making an itinerary is one thing, sticking to it is another and not forgetting anything on the list is a dream scenario. It’s not easy to remember bottles, diapers, toys, the right snacks, wipes, etc. all while trying to pack your own things and keep everyone on schedule. We get it. We advise planning and planning early. Make your list at least a week in advance and slowly start getting your necessities together throughout the week as you are using them. Those are the easiest ones to forget. The night before and day of; check multiple times that you have it all. You can never undersell the satisfaction of a good ol’ pat on the back.

#3 Value the Plastic Bag
Forget class and think efficiency. The power of the plastic bag is nothing to scoff at as they are a huge help when you’re in a bind. Bringing smaller white plastic bags are excellent for your swimsuits, dirty laundry, garbage and makeshift seat covers! Even bringing along the hefty black garbage bags help block the sunlight in rooms that are too bright. They are easy to throw in a bag when you are packing and can be the difference between being in a tough position and being in a messy situation…literally.

#4 Plan Your Travel Entertainment Before You Leave
To those who are reading this; this one is important. Keeping your kids occupied during travel time will make your trip much more pleasant. It may be a three-hour drive in the car for you but to the young ones, it’s a journey to the other side of the world and back, strapped to a car seat and forced to be stationary until they believe they are not going to make it. There, you’re flirting with the potential of DEFCON 5 territory with a bombardment of questions and 37 bathroom breaks. The inclusion of short books, iPads with preloaded movies and educational games, small toys, favorite music on hand will help make the “long” trip a breeze.

#5 Consider the Suite

You love your family and you would do anything for the kids. But don’t the adults deserve a little downtime to spend time together? Go a little above and beyond to ensure that not only your family is comfortable, that you have the opportunity to spend some well-deserved time with your significant other without the immediate presence of your kids. Plus, what kid doesn’t want to report back to their friends that they got to spend a weekend in a “sweet suite.” Just ask, we can help.

At Waterfront Hotel, we welcome all family vacations with open arms. Our staff will go above and beyond to ensure that your stay with us is everything you need, for you and your family. So when you’re planning your trip to the Fox Valley, contact the Waterfront Hotel. We would love to have you.

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