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The Wedding Planning List: 4-6 Months Before the Big Day

STORIES (9)There are so many details that go into the wedding planning process, and this is when things start snowballing. Breaking the planning into smaller pieces can help you enjoy your day and keep from getting too overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at the steps that take place 4-6 months before the big day.

Attend pre-wedding counseling, if required.
Make sure to check with your officiant to see if counseling will be required before the wedding. Depending on the location of your wedding and who is officiating, this may be a requirement.

Shop for formalwear.
You want your fiance to be well dressed for the big day too! Shopping for formalwear ahead of time will make certain you can get the sizes and styles you want. If anything needs to be ordered in you will want to give the store ample time to receive it.

Renew or get passports, if necessary.
If you are planning to go on a honeymoon outside of the country, applying for your passports early is essential. Passports can take weeks to come in the mail and you want to be sure you can rush off to the honeymoon as soon as you say, “I do!”

Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues.  If you’re planning to host a day of brunch, book that, too.
Your wedding party will thank you for remembering this step! After the rehearsal you will want to relax and celebrate with the people standing up with you on your wedding day. Figure out what you would like to serve or where you would like to go and make the necessary preparations.

Check on the wedding invitations.
At this point invitations should be ordered and in the printing process. Calling to follow up gives you peace of mind that they will be finished in time, and also gives you a chance to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.

Select and order the cake.
Many bakers require a long lead time, so order the cake as soon as possible. If you are getting married during the summer when there are many wedding cakes being made at the same time, it is especially important to talk to the baker in advance to make sure you get to work with the baker you want.

Send your guest list to the host of the shower.
It is getting close to the time for the wedding shower! As this is typically not the responsibility of the bride, compile a list and pass it on to whoever you have chosen to host the shower. You want to make sure everyone you want there has the opportunity to attend and no one is missed.

Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fittings.
Wedding shoes are an important part of the dress fitting process. Your dress will most likely need to be hemmed to fit the height of your wedding shoes. Make sure you bring them along to your fittings so you can be sure your gown will be the appropriate length.

Choose your music.
What should be playing when the wedding party is announced? During dinner? To kick of dancing? Keep a running list of what you want, and don’t want, played. Many guests will make requests for certain songs from the DJ, so if there is a handful of songs you definitely don’t want played make sure your DJ knows that in advance.

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