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Featured Wedding Testimonial: Margot and Anthony Diercks

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What are your names and how long have you been married?

“Our names are Margot and Anthony Diercks. We’ve been married for just shy of one month, though we’ve been together for over 8 years.”

How did you meet?

“This is kind of embarrassing, but we met at the bar French Quarter some random Saturday night while we were both undergrads. I thought he was cute and with a little liquid courage, I approached him and struck up a conversation. I also forced him to take a picture with me. Our paths did not cross again until several months later when we randomly ran into each other again at French Quarter. From that night on we were inseparable.”

How did he propose?

“At the end of a two-week trip around Europe, Anthony proposed to me over a morning picnic on a private, secluded hilltop overlooking the city of Florence near the Piazza de Michelangelo.”

Why did you choose to return to Oshkosh to have your wedding at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel?

“We live out-of-state, but wanted to get married back in Wisconsin where both of our families and most of our friends still live. Oshkosh has so much sentimental value to us and is in such a convenient location that it was a no-brainer. Over the years, anytime we visited Wisconsin and had time to drive through Oshkosh, we would just be overwhelmed with all the warm, happy nostalgia of passing the many houses and dorms we used to live in, the campus buildings we most frequented, the parks, bars, and restaurants where we hung out with friends or had our little dates. We both just absolutely love Oshkosh for so many reasons that it only made sense to bring it back to where it all began for such a momentous occasion. The Best Western is kind of a staple in Oshkosh. Around the time we got engaged, a friend of mine, whom I met at Oshkosh, just had her wedding at the Best Western. It was one of three places my parents were touring for us as well. My friend’s praises of the place coupled with my parent’s enthusiasm that the venue had everything we were looking for gave us the confidence to book it immediately without seeing it ourselves.”

What was your favorite amenity?

“Our favorite thing about the venue is that it truly is an all-in-one deal. We were able to have our ceremony right out on the lawn by the water. From there we walked right into the beautiful reception hall we booked. All the food and drinks and dessert were arranged through the venue, so we didn’t have to deal with a separate catering vendor or cake vendor. After the party was over, everyone could walk on over to their hotel rooms and hit the hay. No need to worry about getting a cab. It was all just so easy and seamless dealing with one person and one vendor for the majority of the planning process.”

What was the best part of your special day?

“There’s nothing more special than marrying your best friend while surrounded by your closest family and friends in a place that warms your heart. Lucking out with perfect weather certainly enhanced our little fairytale day.”

Why would you recommend the Best Western Premier Oshkosh to other engaged couples looking for a wedding venue?

“Not once were we stressed about the planning of the wedding.  All the major details and deadlines were tracked by the venue, and having so many vendors in one at the BWPO reduced what we actually were responsible for overseeing. The hardest thing that we had to do was hunt down people’s addresses for invitations and type them up for mailing labels. The BWPO has been around for so long that it’s likely your DJ and Photographer have already worked there countless times. Everything went seamlessly, and they were incredibly organized. We were able to fully relax and enjoy our day.  I wish I were a better salesperson because I don’t know if I am getting across just how wonderful our experience was. If I could do it all again, I literally would not change a thing. If you want to work with experienced professionals and have a low-stress wedding experience, I highly encourage you to go with the folks at the BWPO.”

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