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The Wedding Planning List: The Day Before the Big Day

STORIES (14)It is officially the day before your wedding day. This is a very exciting day! Almost everything is taken care of, just some small things left to tackle. Breaking the planning process up into pieces helps reduce overall stress so you can enjoy the wedding day and look back on the process with fond memories. Here are the steps to take the day before the wedding.

Day prior:

Write checks and/or talk to the wedding hosts (usually your parents) about any balances to be paid at the end of the reception.
Whether it is your parents, another family member, or close friend, discuss the final payments with someone and make sure they know what to do and who is yet to be paid. You will be busy having a great time and enjoying your new marriage and will not be thinking about payments.

Make sure all wedding-day items are packed / laid out and ready to go.
The wedding rings and marriage license should be at the top of this list! Also remember things such as the Bridal Emergency Kit, any makeup for touch ups, and tissues.

Assign someone to pack up gifts/belongings after the reception.
Put someone in charge of bringing home all of your belongings. Don’t forget the cake topper!

Enjoy mani-pedi.
Try and relax and enjoy being pampered before the big day.

Night prior:

Rehearse the ceremony.
Meet with the wedding party, ceremony readers, immediate family, and your officiant at the ceremony site to rehearse and iron out details.

Bring unity candle, aisle runner, yarmulkes, or other ceremony accessories to the site.
Doing this ahead of time will make sure everything is set up and ready by the wedding.

Give marriage license to officiant.
Let the officiant handle the marriage license and fill out his necessary sections. All you will need to do is sign it the day of the wedding!

Attend rehearsal dinner.
Enjoy your time with close family and friends celebrating your upcoming marriage.

Present attendants with gifts at the rehearsal dinner.
You’ll want to do this especially if the gifts are accessories to be worn during the wedding.

Try to go to bed early… You’ll need your beauty sleep.
It may be tough, but try and get some sleep! The wedding day is action packed and is over before you know it. You will want to make sure you are well rested and can fully enjoy the day.

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