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Tips for Business Traveling

Traveling for business becomes increasingly popular and as the economy grows, business travel is no longer just for those in a ‘suit, tie and armed with a briefcase.’ Oh no. In the business travel world today, we see blogging conventions, networking events, technology conferences and the age-old in-person meetings. Even with technology becoming more leaned upon by… well, pretty much everyone, travel for business has never been more popular and face-to-face meetings are only gaining more ground.say-thanks

For us at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Conference Center, we see a steady flow of business men and women come and go year round. With excellent accommodations and an onsite conference center, we have learned a thing or two about the rules of the road. Here are some tips for you when you’re traveling for business.

Keep an ‘Essentials’ bag packed at all times

How many times have you gone somewhere and inaudibly uttered the phrase, “Oh no, I forgot to pack my…’ You know the rest. For safety and sanity sake, keep a bundle of basic essentials always packed in your travel bag. These essentials are often made up of things like phone chargers, toiletries, any over-the-counter relievers and most importantly, your lucky pair of socks. Okay, the last one may be optional but you get the point. Always keep a pre-packed essentials bag to avoid stress and save money!

A Checklist is the best list

Before you even touch your trusty travel luggage, make a list and don’t be afraid to check it twice. Start at the top with your itinerary. Where are you going? What events are you attending? What session is a priority? All these questions should be answered and planned for accordingly. The next step is to pack appropriately. If the weather calls for sunny and 75, you might want to leave the umbrella and jacket at home. Only pack what you need but we will get to that shortly.

Pack only what you need

Is there an echo in here? We kid. But this is one we can’t stress enough. Overpacking is a travel disease that many tend to suffer from. Typically, men have it easier when it comes to packing as they don’t have the necessary upkeep required and have a simpler system to follow. Ladies are a different story. To avoid overpacking, we recommend focusing on neutral colors that can be accented by accessories. This makes for outfit flexibility and professionalism. Pack a pair of flats for conference time and maybe a pair of pumps for the evening. Men, stick to dress shoes. When you find a system that works, stick to it!

Stay healthy

Traveling brings you into contact with too many people to count. Keeping hand sanitizer with you, eating right and staying hydrated all make for a perfect formula to keep a travel bug away that could potentially keep you in your hotel room for the day and night. This directs us back to the essentials bag as we advise things like Emergen-C, the aforementioned hand sanitizer, aspirin or any over-the-counter pain reliever, tums and simple healthy snacks. No one likes to be sick in general, but sick while traveling for business? No thanks.

Travel programs are your friend

Whether you travel a little or a lot, signing up for programs like frequent flyer miles is always a good idea, especially if you tend to stick to one or two airlines. There are some programs that never expire so if you can become a member of one with that stipulation, you’re in business. These programs will help you keep track of your status and they are relatively easy to maintain.

At Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Conference Center, our primary focus is creating an environment for our customers that keeps them coming back. We hope these travel tips are helpful to you in the future. If
you’re ever in the area for business, feel free to contact us about booking a stay where the view is great and the staff is even better!

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